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The 5 Best Motorcycle Roads in Maryland

Things to Remember...
  • Maryland is home to a great selection of popular motorcycle roads
  • Cruising on a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy fresh air and the sunshine, but it can also be dangerous
  • Ensure that your motorcycle insurance coverage is active and up-to-date before you venture out on Maryland roads

Adults of all ages love the experience of riding a motorcycle across wide expanses of roads throughout Maryland. Few will deny that you look cool outfitted in your sleek helmet while you are on your bike, but there is more to love about riding a motorcycle than this.

Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom and independence that you simply cannot enjoy while driving in a car.

You can immerse yourself in nature, and you can also become a part of the friendly and very social biker community. More than that, many motorcyclists simply love the exciting experience they enjoy each time they set off on the open road.

Each motorcyclist has his or her own unique preferences for driving conditions, but most will agree that a great motorcycle road shares a few similar qualities. The best motorcycle roads are surrounded by incredible natural scenery.

They are free-flowing with minimal lights and stop signs, and they also have numerous twists and turns that add a touch of adventure to your time on the road.

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The 5 Best Roads for Motorcycles in Maryland

If you are looking for great roads to ride on in Maryland, you will not be disappointed with the selection. These are some of the most highly-rated motorcycle roads in the state.

#1 – Harpers Ferry Road

Length of Route: 13 miles
Highlight: Antietam battlefield

The Harpers Ferry Road route runs through scenic Washington County and takes you by the famous Antietam battlefield from the Civil War. While the speed limit is relatively low on this rather short stretch of Harpers Ferry Road, the road is surrounded by the natural beauty of rolling, green hills.

It has a great range of twists and turns as well as a few dips and blind corners for an added thrill. This is a wonderful ride to consider on your own or with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

#2 – Catoctin Hollow Road

Length of Route: 7 miles
Highlight: Cat Rock and Bob Hills Natural Area, William Houck Campground

Situated in the heart of central Maryland, the Catoctin Hollow Road ride is a great option in central Maryland for more experienced riders. This road features an uninterrupted expanse of road that takes you through the scenic Cat Rock and Bob Hills Natural Area.

It is loaded with twists and curves that add excitement to your day. Stop by the Catoctin Mountain Park for hiking through natural areas for a few hours, or plan for an overnight getaway with a stay at the William Houck Campground located at the end of this route to extend your journey.

#3 – Governor Bridge Road

Length of Route: 8 miles
Highlight: Globecom Wildlife Management Area, a single-lane bridge

Another great road to explore while you are in the central region of the state is Governor Bridge Road. This eight-mile path is rather short, but it will be a memorable adventure that you may want to enjoy multiple times in the months to come.

It takes you through gentle curves and bends in an area with relatively little traffic. You will drive for several miles by the scenic Globecom Wildlife Management Area, and this is a great time to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sights.

There is a single-lane bridge that may require you to slow down or even stop on this route, but this experience adds more excitement to the ride.

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#4 – State Route 213

Length of Route: 68 miles
Highlight: Numerous small towns, frequent water views

If you are looking for a longer route that features miles of uninterrupted roads, State Route 213 from Lewisville to Wye Mills is a wonderful option to consider.

This road boasts gentle curves, smooth pavement, and great views to provide you with a very enjoyable riding experience. Many prefer to travel along this route rather than to take Interstate 95 because it has far less traffic.

State Route 213 also features numerous small towns with shops, bars, restaurants, and more that you can explore en route. If you stop at the towns and explore all that they offer, this ride may take you all day to complete.

#5 – State Route 272

Length of Route: 38 miles
Highlight: Amish buggies, valleys, hills

State Route 272 begins in Willow Street, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. It takes you through the scenic Amish countryside on a well-paved road that is easy to navigate.

Many of the people who you pass on this road will wave as you go by, which makes this a friendly, upbeat ride that will leave you in a great mood. There are also a few hills to navigate along the road that add a diverse experience to your journey.

These hills feature inclines as well as turns that give you the perfect amount of exhilaration to enjoy on an otherwise very relaxing ride.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

AdobeStock_38015788-1600x1600Accidents can and do happen, and motorcyclists may be faced with expenses related to liability, vehicle repairs, medical bills, and more.

Your insurance coverage may pay for most of your expenses, but you do need to confirm that you have proper coverage in place before you take your next trip.

– Have the Right Coverage

Your motorcycle coverage needs can change periodically, and rates can also fluctuate based on a wide range of factors. With this in mind, it makes sense to review your coverage and to shop around for better rates twice per year.

Take time to understand differences between comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and liability coverage. Ensure that you have the best coverage for your needs and that your coverage limits are adequate.

When you shop around for new car insurance rates, it is wise to compare at least three or four quotes from reputable insurers that are financially sound.

Through Internet research, you can review the financial strength as well as the overall reputation of different providers.

This effort will help to ensure that you buy the right coverage from a top insurer. Some auto policies also cover motorcycles. Therefore, you should also review your existing car insurance policy at the same time.

If you can combine coverage for your car and motorcycle, you may be able to save money in some cases. This is because you may qualify for a multiple vehicle discounts.

– Wear the Right Gear

Before you cruise through the state of Maryland, you should take stock of your selection of your current selection of safety gear.

The state of Maryland requires all motorcyclists to wear an approved helmet that fits properly as well as approved eyewear. It is wise to learn more about the specific requirements for these items to avoid a potential citation for wearing the wrong gear.

While not recommended, the state also recommends that all motorcycles wear additional safety gear that may minimize the severity of injuries in the event of a serious accident. This includes:

  • A riding jacket
  • Gloves
  • Jeans lined with Kevlar or leather
  • Riding boots with a low heel and rubber soles

Remember that your actions on the road may prevent an accident in some cases. If you want to stay as safe as possible on your bike, always drive defensively, and pay attention to what other drivers are doing around you. You should also avoid driving in bad weather conditions, and also be observant for dangers hazards on the road.

– Avoid Bad Weather

You can also get road condition details and check the weather forecast before you venture out. These factors can play a major role in how safe it is for you to ride in certain areas of the state on any given day, and you may discover that it is better to choose an alternate road if unsafe conditions are present on the route you originally planned to take.

Make sure to use our free insurance comparison tool to make sure you are getting the best rates for your motorcycle or car!

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