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Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in Maryland

Do you worry about you or a loved one is seriously injured or worse in a car accident? Many Maryland drivers are involved in fatal car accidents each year in which they or passengers in their vehicle are injured or worse, and many of these incidents could have been prevented. For example, texting while driving […]

The 5 Best State Parks in Maryland

While Maryland is one of the smaller states in the country, it is nonetheless filled with incredible natural beauty that you can enjoy with a fun-filled road trip to state parks. In fact, there are 52 state parks that are located in almost every county in Maryland, and this means that you can easily find […]

Distracted Driving in Maryland

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as any activity that takes a driver’s focus or attention off of the act of operating the car. It is important to note that these distractions may be mental, visual, or manual. Some activities, such as using a cell phone while driving, may encompass all three […]

Maryland’s Top 10 Family Attractions

Maryland’s coastal location in the heart of the Eastern Seaboard has made it a popular destination throughout American history. It is one of the first 13 colonies, and it played a vital role in the formation of the country as well as in its fight for independence from Great Britain. The state’s history also included […]

How to Drive in Maryland’s Weather Conditions

Maryland isn’t just known for its delicious blue crabs, it’s also known for its beautiful crabapple trees. One of the main reasons that these whimsical trees can bloom in this prideful state is because of its temperate weather. While there are four distinct seasons in all of the counties dispersed throughout Maryland, it doesn’t ever […]

The 5 Best Motorcycle Roads in Maryland

Adults of all ages love the experience of riding a motorcycle across wide expanses of roads throughout Maryland. Few will deny that you look cool outfitted in your sleek helmet while you are on your bike, but there is more to love about riding a motorcycle than this. Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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