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Driving Without Insurance in Maryland

Things to Remember...
  • Maryland law requires drivers to purchase a minimum amount of car insurance coverage
  • Some drivers prefer to purchase optional coverage as well
  • Comparing rates can help you to save money on your car insurance policy
Auto insurance premiums can be expensive, but this is nonetheless a required expense associated with driving legally in Maryland. After all, the state requires all drivers to carry at least a minimum level of liability car insurance coverage at all times.

More than that, you face considerable financial loss if you are in an accident without the proper coverage. This is because you may be held financially liable for damages you cause to others while driving your car, and you may also have your own expenses related to an accident.

Are you wondering how much insurance you need to buy to comply with Maryland’s state law? The state requirement for car insurance is 15/30/60:

  • $15,000 coverage for property damage
  • $30,000 coverage for bodily injury
  • $60,000 coverage for bodily injury for two or more people

Some drivers may opt to purchase more than the minimum amount of liability coverage, and they may add collision or comprehensive insurance coverage to their plan as well for added financial protection.

You may also increase your coverage limits because you are financially responsible for any expenses that exceed your insurance policy’s limits. Your insurance agent can help you to determine coverage types and limits that may be most beneficial for you.

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What happens if you are caught driving without insurance?


There are other harsh penalties that you may face as well, such as a suspended license, the loss of your license plate and vehicle registration, and a sentence to serve up to one year in jail.

These penalties can have a significant impact on your personal finances as well as your life and liberties in general. There are also other effects associated with driving without the proper coverage that you should know about.

What are the effects of driving without insurance?

You should also be aware that driving without insurance in Maryland will show up as a negative event on your driving record. This will be visible to law enforcement as well as to insurance companies for several years.

When you have a blemished driving record, you can expect to pay an increased premium rate for your car insurance.

This is because a blotched driving record may place you in a high-risk category for coverage.

Some high-risk drivers have trouble getting approved for new coverage, so this classification can also limit your coverage options when you are shopping around for new rates.

A higher insurance premium can be a burden on your personal finances for years to come.

  • First Offense– Lose license plates and vehicle registration privileges; pay uninsured motorist penalty fees for each lapse of insurance — $150 for the first 30 days, $7 for each day thereafter; Pay a restoration fee of up to $25 for a vehicle’s registration
  • Second Offense– n/a

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Don’t Let Your Policy Lapse

Even a very short lapse in your car insurance coverage can have a tremendously negative impact on your finances, your driving record, and other factors. A policy lapse occurs when your coverage is canceled or suspended for a period of time.

Some of the more common reasons why your car insurance policy may lapse include:

  • Switching providers
  • Forgetting to pay a bill
  • Moving to a new state

Because even the lapse in car insurance coverage of a single day can have devastating consequences, it is important to take every precaution to avoid a lapse. You can accomplish this by ensuring that you always pay your premiums on time.

Setting up automated payments with your car insurance provider and ensuring that the premium is affordable for your budget can help you to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Furthermore, if you will not be driving for a period of time, you can suspend your coverage and car registration on your own to avoid an unintentional lapse. If you are switching providers, always obtain new coverage and ensure that the new policy is active before you cancel coverage with your existing provider.

How can you shop for car insurance?

AdobeStock_61298662-1600x1600Whether you are updating your auto insurance coverage types and limits or you are shopping for the best rate possible on car insurance, it is beneficial to get quotes online.

This is because getting online quotes for coverage can be done at any time of day or night that is most convenient for you, and you will not feel pressured or rushed to complete the quote application within a limited amount of time.

Getting online quotes may even prevent you from having to spend several hours on the phone with insurance companies requesting different quotes.

If you are preparing to shop online for new car insurance quotes, consider finding a few reputable providers to get started. Their financial strength and overall customer satisfaction rating should be reviewed before you get quotes, and the Internet is a great resource that you can use to complete this research process.

You should also determine how much coverage you want to buy. By asking for quotes on the same coverage types and limits, you can more easily compare the quotes you receive to find the best rates possible.

Car insurance is a necessity for Maryland drivers, and you do not want to face the many serious consequences of getting caught without having the proper amount of liability insurance in place.

You may even want to purchase more than the minimum coverage required for the added benefits it can provide. Now is the ideal time to review your existing auto coverage and to make any changes necessary to maintain an affordable premium rate on the car insurance policy you need.

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Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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