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Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in Maryland

Here's what you need to know...
  • Many fatal car accidents in Maryland could have been prevented
  • Some makes and models are involved in significantly more accidents than other types of vehicles
  • It is important to be properly insured before an accident occurs

Do you worry about you or a loved one is seriously injured or worse in a car accident? Many Maryland drivers are involved in fatal car accidents each year in which they or passengers in their vehicle are injured or worse, and many of these incidents could have been prevented.

For example, texting while driving is a leading cause of fatal car accidents in Maryland, and those who cause a distracted driving accident may face criminal as well as civil charges related to their actions.

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Two Types of Fatal Accidents

There are two types of fatal car accidents, and these include sudden death accidents and eventual death accidents. A sudden death fatal car accident involves one or more individuals dying at the scene.

An eventual death fatal car accident involves one or more individuals dying after the accident, such as days or weeks later after receiving medical attention at a hospital.

This latter type of accident can result in expensive medical bills as well as extreme pain and suffering in many cases.

Distracted Driving in Maryland

Distracted driving is a serious problem that affects many Maryland drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. In fact, approximately one out of every 10 fatal car accidents is caused by distracted driving. It is important that you understand the most common types of distracted driving and avoid these behaviors when you are behind the wheel.

A visual distraction is anything that pulls the driver’s attention off of the road, and this can include everything from looking at other passengers in the car to reading a text message on a cell phone.

A manual distraction is something that pulls one or both of the driver’s hands off of the steering wheel, and this may include smoking, eating, or answering a ringing phone.

A cognitive distraction is when the driver’s mental focus is taken away from the driving activity, and conversations on the phone or in person are just one of many examples of this type of distraction.

 State Laws for Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is illegal in Maryland, and one of the most significant laws relates to the use of a cell phone while driving. Those who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to use a cell phone or Bluetooth device at all while driving.

Those over the age of 18 can only use hands-free technology. If you are caught violating this law, you may face a fine of up to $500 for each incident.

If you cause an accident caused by distracted driving, you could also face a civil lawsuit related to negligence. If you lose this case, you may have to pay charges for other individuals’ medical bills, vehicle repair bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes in Maryland

Click here to view our interactive graphic

Click here to view our interactive graphic

Some vehicles are involved in more fatal crashes in Maryland than others. If you drive one of these vehicles, you may have higher insurance premiums and may even be at a greater risk of suffering serious injuries or worse if you are in an accident.

#10 – Hyundai

AdobeStock_86466839-1600x1600Established: 2000
Vehicles Involved: 13

Despite being one of the youngest automotive manufacturers, Hyundai has already grown in size to become the fourth largest automaker in the world. This South Korean company is known for creating stylish, affordable, and well-equipped vehicles, such as the Sonata and Elantra.

It also is known for its incredible 10-year warranty on vehicles, which is substantially longer than what most automotive companies offer. Hyundai also owns the Kia and Genesis brands.

#10 – Chrysler


chrysler-409795_1920-1600x1600Established: 1925
Vehicles Involved: 13

Chrysler is included in the famous “Big Three” U.S. automakers, and this is a testament to the company’s high sales volume of quality vehicles. Everything from sports cars to mini vans and sedans is sold under this brand name.

Chrysler is known for providing affordable luxury to its customers. This very large international company also owns many other brands, such as Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, and others.

#9 – GMC

Established: 1911
Vehicles Involved: 16

Throughout its lengthy history, GMC has focused its manufacturing activities on trucks, military vehicles, sports utility vehicles, and other similar types of vehicles. Some of its more popular SUV models today include the Terrain, the Yukon, the Envoy, the Acadia, and others. Current truck models include the Canyon, Sonoma, and Sierra.

The consumer line is known for producing rather high-end vehicles in the truck and SUV segment that are loaded with luxurious features.

#8 – Suzuki


Established: 1909
Vehicles Involved: 17

Suzuki is a reputable and established Japanese automaker that produces high-performance vehicles that are known for their power and functionality as well as for their sporty design.

This manufacturer ranks fifth in the world in terms of sales volume. Volkswagen owns a large portion of this company, and Daewoo is one of the brands that it controls. Some of the Suzuki models that you may see on the road include the Kizashi, the Sidekick, and the Grand Vitara.

#7 – Jeep/Kaiser-Jeep/Willys-Jeep

AdobeStock_24139054-1600x1600Established: 1941
Vehicles Involved: 24

The original Jeep vehicles manufactured in 1941 were military vehicles used in World War II. After the war ended, the company started manufacturing vehicles for the consumer market, and Chrysler purchased the company in 1987.

Over the years, Jeep vehicles have retained their reputation for providing durability and dependability. However, the brand has evolved to create a more luxurious or higher-end driving experience for its vehicle owners. This is evident in its Grand Cherokee and other higher-end SUVs.

#6 – Dodge

dodge-605388_1920-1600x1600Established: 1900
Vehicles Involved: 31

When Dodge was established in 1900, it and Ford were the primary automakers at the time. It has retained its competitive edge over the years.

The company has innovated an incredible line of vehicles at a wide range of price points, and it strives to provide models for all needs and desires.

Its lineup includes SUVs, mini vans, trucks, cars, and more. Some of its more popular models include the Caravan, the Ram, the Viper, and the Durango. These are vehicles that are designed with value in mind, blending an affordable price with exceptional amenities and features.

#5 – Datsun/Nissan

nissan-885309_1280-1600x1600Established: 1933
Vehicles Involved: 42

Nissan is a Japanese automaker that is the sixth largest in the industry worldwide. It operates under popular brands, such as Datsun and Infiniti.

It also has worked hard to bring eco-friendly vehicles to the market, and Nissan is now the largest producer of electric vehicles in the world.

The Leaf is its most popular electric car. Some of its other models include the Altima, the Sentra, and the Rogue.

#4 – Toyota

Depositphotos_42227513_original-1600x1600Established: 1937
Vehicles Involved: 62

Toyota is owned by one of the largest conglomerations in the world, and this Japanese auto producer leads the world in the sale of hybrid vehicles. The company controls brands such as Lexus and Scion as well.

The Toyota name is well known for quality and value, and you may spot many older Toyota models on the road today as a testament to the longevity and durability of these cars. Toyota vehicles include the Tacoma truck, the Camry, the Prius, the Yaris, and others.

#2 – Honda

Depositphotos_150874480_original-1600x1600Established: 1946
Vehicles Involved: 70

Honda is a Japanese automaker that sells cars as well as motorcycles, planes, lawn equipment, and other products worldwide. It holds a strong market share in the United States, and it ranks eighth in the world in terms of volume.

It is known for its luxury brand, Acura, and many of its own models under the Honda name have a decades-long history. This includes models like the Accord and Civic, to name a few.

#2 – Chevrolet

Depositphotos_139594386_original-1600x1600Established: 1911
Vehicles Involved: 70

Chevrolet is a popular American automaker that produces everything from compact cars and sedans to mini vans and pickup trucks.

The brand boasts a wide price range to suit the needs of a large target audience, and this includes the budget-minded Spark and fuel-efficient Volt to the more luxurious Corvette. Other models include the Suburban, the Tahoe, the Silverado, the Sierra, and others.

#1 – Ford

night-car-mustang-ford-1600x1600Established: 1903
Vehicles Involved: 103

Ford is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world, and it is well-known for creating the assembly line method that is used in large-scale manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries today.

Ford’s Model T was a popular option for some of the first drivers in the United States. Today’s drivers enjoy more refined and sophisticated models, such as the Mustang, the Equinox, the F-150, the Edge, the Focus, and more. Ford also produces vehicles under the Lincoln brand.

Tips to Avoid Fatal Car Accidents in Maryland

The vehicle that you choose to drive can play a major role in how safe and secure you are on the road. For example, some modern vehicles have more refined safety features and a better overall safety rating than others. Your vehicle is not the only factor that can influence your safety on the road.

Drivers can follow a wide range of safety tips to minimize the risk of an accident as well. Some of these tips include:

  • Follow the posted speed limit signs. Many accidents in Maryland are caused by one or more drivers traveling at a higher rate of speed than what is legally permitted.
  • Be aware of distracted driving behaviors, and take steps to prevent them. For example, store your cell phone out of reach while driving so that you are not tempted to reach for it.
  • Avoid tailgating other vehicles. If you notice that someone is following too closely behind you, decrease your speed slowly to encourage them to go around you.
  • Pay attention to driving conditions, and be aware of how darkness, ice, rain, and snow can pose a risk to you. Consider changing your plans so that you do not drive while inclement conditions are present.
  • Check your tire air pressure and tread before each trip you take. Service your tires to ensure that you have proper control of the vehicle at all times.
  • Service your vehicle regularly, and follow all manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plans for it.

Comparison Shop for the Right Coverage

There are many factors that can cause insurance rates to increase. For example, you may have been in an accident, or you may have received a traffic citation. In some cases, rates change because of vehicle or crime statistics in your area or because of other factors unrelated to your driving record.

Regardless of whether your car insurance premium has increased recently or not, it makes sense to shop around and to request quotes from several providers every six months.

This will help you to keep your premium as low as possible over the years. If you are planning to shop around, choose your insurance providers carefully, and focus on factors like their financial strength as well as their customer service rating.

Getting car insurance quotes online is a great idea. You may be looking for low rates, or you may be wondering how much money you can save if you trade in your car for a different make and model. When you get quotes online, you can save time and effort while searching for a great rate on your coverage.

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