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Top 8 Crossfit Gyms in Maryland

Here's what you need to know...
  • Crossfit gyms offer a supportive environment that you can enjoy while you work hard to achieve your fitness goals
  • It is critical that you stay on track with your workouts while you are traveling.
  • Many Crossfit gyms in Maryland openly accept drop-ins

Crossfit is a type of physical fitness that is sweeping across the country, but it is more than just a passing fad.

This type of workout is designed to incorporate varying activities that target core body movements, and the actions are highly intensive to encourage rapid results. More than that, Crossfit gyms foster a community environment that many people love and even thrive off of.

If you plan to visit a Crossfit gym in Maryland soon, you may be wondering what kinds of exercises or movements you may be asked to do. This will give you a better idea of whether a Crossfit gym is right for you or not. Some of the movements include air squats, box jumps, and deadlifts.

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Finding a Gym while Traveling

AdobeStock_66411343-1600x1600If you are planning a trip to Maryland in the near future, you do not have to forsake your regular fitness regimen while you are away from home. Regular physical fitness will help you to stay on track to achieve your goals, and it can also reduce your stress level in amazing ways.

Traveling can be stressful, and many people do not properly care for their bodies when they are away from home. Working out in a Crossfit gym will keep your mental focus on physical health.

However, if you plan to workout while you are in Maryland, you need to plan ahead. After all, you need to bring your workout gear, and you should incorporate time to workout into your daily schedule. In addition, you need to locate a great Crossfit gym to visit while you are in Maryland.

Top 8 Crossfit Gyms in Maryland

Are you wondering what makes a Crossfit experience so much different than working out at your neighborhood gym or fitness center? The primary reasons why people love the Crossfit experience include:

  • Physical fitness
  • Focus on community
  • Empowerment
  • Based on performance goals

#1 – Crossfit Ocean City

If you will be in the Ocean City area, Crossfit Ocean City is an excellent option to consider. This 6,000 square foot gym was the first of its kind in the state, and it has a great staff of 12 well-trained and supportive coaches to assist you.

The facility features sleds, a climbing rope, rowing equipment, free WiFi, and more. You can also benefit from a shower and locker room for your convenience. Visitors are invited to attend, and you can pay a $20 drop-in fee or an $80 weekly fee for unlimited access to the gym.

#2 – Blue Crab Crossfit

Situated in Hanover, Blue Crab Crossfit is a massive facility that incorporates 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for you to workout in. The equipment featured at this gym includes ropes, tires, a pullup rig, bumper plates, and more.

At this gym, you can enjoy a free week-long trial to get started. Then, you can pay a $20 drop-in fee for each additional class you want to attend. Classes are available from dawn until evening hours seven days a week to meet your needs.

#3 – Perry Hall Crossfit

Fitness instructor exercising with his client at the gym_80960258-1600x1600Perry Hall Crossfit is located conveniently in White Marsh, and it offers a team-environment and highly-motivating coaches to lead each session. This venue features a large open space for group workouts as well as dumbbells, ropes, and other equipment to help you get the results you desire.

You can benefit from a free week-long trial at this gym. Then, you can pay a $20 drop-in fee per class, or you can purchase a 10 class punch card for $150 to save money on your fee.

#4 – 12 Labours Crossfit

The 12 Labours Crossfit gym gives you one membership with access to three gyms, and these gyms are located in the Columbia district, the BWI district, and the Annapolis district.

Each gym has its own unique list of equipment that you can benefit from as well as a full schedule of classes that are available throughout the day and into the evening hours.

These facilities have excellent member plans that you can take advantage of if you plan to be in the area for a month or longer.

#5 – Grounded Crossfit

Depositphotos_84927750_original-1600x1600Situated in Hanover, Grounded Crossfit provides you with a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere and a full range of classes to choose from. This is an inspirational gym that you may love visiting multiple times while you are in the area, and you can benefit from dumbbells, a pull-up bar, free weights, a large open workout space, and more.

The best option for visitors is to buy a five-class punch card for $79, but there are other options available if you plan to be in the area for a month or longer.

#6 – Crossfit Towson

Crossfit Towson is conveniently located close to the heart of Towson, and it strives to help each of its members and visitors to be better than they were the day before.

Through intensive workouts with motivating coaches as well as with access to a full range of equipment and gear, you can stay on track with your workouts while you are away from home.

This gym offers a full week of unlimited classes to visitors for free. After this week expires, you can sign up for a monthly membership that can extend for as long as you desire.

#7 – Stone Forge Crossfit

Stone Forge Crossfit has a coastal location in Curtis Bay that is equally close to Lake Shore, Glen Burnie, and Pasadena. This facility offers training sessions that begin in the early morning hours and extend into the evening.

The coaches incorporate boxes, bars, ropes, and weights into your workout to help you achieve your goals quickly. At Stone Forge Crossfit, you can benefit from a 10-pack of classes for only $125 to get you started while you are visiting the area.

#8 – Crossfit Federal Hill

If you plan to be in the Baltimore area, Crossfit Federal Hill has the supportive environment and convenient schedule that you may be looking for in a gym.

This huge facility has a highly supportive and motivating environment that you will love, and it has ample space and all of the equipment you need to achieve your goals.

This facility welcomes drop-ins, and it offers a free initial class as well as additional classes available for $20 each.

Essential Items to Bring

Each Crossfit gym is independently owned and operated, but you will need to be properly prepared for each visit you make regardless of the gym that you select. These are some of the essential items that you should bring with you:

  • A Good Attitude – Crossfit gyms strive to provide each member with a non-judgmental and supportive environment. You should be prepared to support others in their activities while also working hard to achieve your goals.
  • Good Shoes – Supportive footwear is necessary for safety while you are working out. Be sure to pack your favorite pair of sneakers or running shoes when you are preparing for your trip.
  • Athletic Apparel – You need to feel comfortable and unhindered when working out. Consider packing a few pairs of workout clothes so that you can visit the gym numerous times on your trip.
  • Water – Bringing your favorite water bottle is also advisable. Staying hydrated during your workouts can help you to prevent injury.
  • Your Wallet – Unless you are taking advantage of a free session, you will be required to pay for your classes at each gym that you visit.

Finding the Right Car Insurance for Your Trip

AdobeStock_89739551-1600x1600If you plan to drive to Maryland or drive in a rented car while you are in the area, it is wise to review your car insurance policy before your trip.

Maryland laws state that drivers must always carry proof of a minimum amount of liability coverage, and you can receive a traffic citation that results in a hefty fine if you are caught driving without the proper insurance.

Remember that some drivers may not be properly insured, and this can pose a financial risk to you.

You can update your policy to add coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers to obtain the financial protection you need in the event of an accident.

It is wise to compare policies online to save time and effort with this process. After you have determined how much coverage you need, you can request quotes for free with our free insurance comparison tool below. Be sure to only reach out to insurers that are financially strong and that have a great reputation with their customers.

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